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We live for science to develop life-changing medicines and improve the treatment of diseases.

With currently 19 drugs and a total of 53 active ingredients, we enable the treatment of four of the five deadliest diseases.

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AstraZeneca makes an indispensable contribution to the treatment of patients in a wide range of therapeutic areas

Therapeutic areas AstraZeneca Austria

Through the acquisition of Alexion (completed in 2021), AstraZeneca has also entered the area of rare diseases.

In each of these therapeutic areas, AstraZeneca does not only offer new medicines and innovative technological solutions, but it also aims to contribute to:

  • Spreading more awareness about diseases
  • Expanding the skills of healthcare professionals
  • Increasing attention towards prevention, and strengthening doctor-patient relationships
  • Improve patients’ journey, from the diagnosis to the tackling of diseases

Our medicines treat 4 of the 5 deadliest diseases

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Top 5 causes of death* in Austria, 2019

*The ranking refers to non-communicable diseases, as made available in the Global Burden of Disease database

5 most common death causes Austria in 2019

Top 5 pathologies in terms of seriousness** in Austria, 2019

**Measured in terms of DALYs, i.e. Disability-Adjusted Life Years

5 most common pathologies in relation to severeness in Austria in 2019

The therapeutic areas in which AstraZeneca is active are among the most impactful in terms of mortality, quality of life and healthcare system costs.

In Austria

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In Austria
  • accounted for approximately 4 million cases in 2019
  • caused 70% of deaths (⁓64,000 in 2019) and determined 72% of YLLs (Years of Life Lost from mortality);
  • are collectively responsible for 44% of DALYs (Disability-Adjusted Life Years) and 14% of YLDs (Years Lived with Disability)

Source: The European House – Ambrosetti elaboration of AstraZeneca Austria, 2023