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We are committed to a healthy society on a healthy planet.

Through our Ambition Zero Carbon, we are accelerating the delivery of net-zero emissions healthcare.

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We can only achieve a healthy society on a healthy planet

At a global level, AstraZeneca is carrying out the Ambition Zero Carbon programme with the goal to reduce emissions from global operations and fleet by 98% by 2026 and halve the entire value chain footprint by 2030, on the way to a 90% reduction by 2045*

(*) 2015 base year

Our Ambition Zero Carbon programme

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Until 2026

98% reduction of emissions

from our global operations and vehicle fleet*


Until 2030

Halve CO2 footprint

based on the total value chain*


Until 2045

Reduce CO2 footprint by 90%

based on the entire value chain*

Examples activities graphic
Examples activities graphic
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Green fleet

Reducing the emissions of the company’s fleet and switching to a fully electric vehicle ones to reduce emissions.

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AZ Forest

Tree planting to offset emissions (part of the global initiative aimed to plant and maintain 200 million trees worldwide by 2030) in partnership with local governments and non-profit organizations


New sustainable office in Vienna

Our new Austrian headquarter as of end of 2023 will be located at Vio Plaza, a certified green building with a sustainable construction and building technology that leads the way.

With electric cars alone, we will save 163 tons of CO2 in Austria by 2025

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119 vehicles

in AZ Austria’s green fleet

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approximately 60% of AZ Austria’s vehicle fleet will be electric

By the end of 2023

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100% electric vehicles

in 2025

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163 tons of CO2 avoided thanks to the electrification process

in the period 2023-2025

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AZ Austria has reforested more than 4,000 trees, absorbing over 1,200 tons of CO2

AstraZeneca Austria is also contributing to the Group’s global ambition to become Carbon Negative through a project to offset emissions by protecting green areas and planting new trees in a specific area of Tanzania (offsetting emissions in a tropical area generates greater environmental benefits)

Since the project started in December 2018, more than 4,000 trees have been planted by AstraZeneca Austria, reforesting an area of 3.79 hectares and offsetting about 1,277 tons of CO2

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CO2 info graphic with arrow

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Forested area equivalent to
5.3 football fields ...

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Absorbed emission and number of trees planted for AstraZeneca Austria

(CO2 tons and number of trees), 2019-2022

CO2/tree graphic
CO2/tree graphic

The growth of the forrest from AstraZeneca Austria can be traced under the following link:


Source: The European House – Ambrosetti elaboration of AstraZeneca Österreich, 2023